I’m just gonna be straight up with you, my website intimidates me.

Funny to think that someone like myself, a person who could upload a TikTok rocking an overnight messy bun and PJ’s for the whole world to see, could also be so sketched out over utilizing her own website.

Yet here we are.

I suppose my logic was leaning more towards using this as a giant link directory…

“Do you want a T-shirt? Maybe a book? Cool, here’s the link. Okay bye!”

Hell, the only reason why I have two blog posts on here, is that Colin is amazeballs and forced them out of me.

It wasn’t until a year after this site launched that I found myself gawking at a message board, filled with hundreds of spam messages, but also so much more. Kind messages, from all of you!

Reading about how my words have helped you, that you’ve found entertainment here, it’s mind-blowing for me. Seriously, I’m a writer, and yet you all have found a way to leave me without words.

However, I hate to disappoint. Even though I am so happy that I have been able to help, I’m not one to give unsolicited advice, not unless I deeply trust that my words will not somehow dampen someone’s light.

Advice can be a dangerous thing.

Oftentimes, people tend to preach instead of teach. And, well, I am a person. I don’t want to cause any of you to second-guess yourself or your path with my personal biases.

BUT! I will stop in more often with a blog update šŸ™‚ I have been super busy and loving it. So I suppose I have a lot to share and having a place to talk directly to you all is pretty neat. Still scary, but still cool.

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