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In each episode, we tell disturbing, on-theme stories, leaving it up to listeners to decipher which are supposedly true and which we've made up...
Now, the cool twist to Lore at the Bookstore is that each episode is recorded in front of a live audience...well...the Bookstore we're recording in is haunted, so there cool be an unalive audience too. Either way, we have a lot of interactive fun diving into small-town gore and lore!

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Lore at the Bookstore is hosted by The Magic of Books Bookstore owner Jenna Martinez, 1852 Cafe owner Jason Harmon, and Greathouse Horrors author Ashley Greathouse.
Encounters With Darkness Encounters With Jackson County

A new season of Encounters With Darkness launching 2024

EWD is a paranormal podcast hosted by author Ashley Greathouse that has been running since 2019. In this podcast everything is covered from personal encounters, insight on investigations, cryptids all the way to debunking paranormal claims. In the newest season, Ashley will be taking us on a deep-dive of her hometown and surroundings as we uncover dark history and local lore.