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What if you had a secret... A big secret... A 6.5 million follower sercret. Would you tell anyone? Jerica Woods has that kind of secret and all it took was a red wig, a seductive persona, and a green screen to throw off her friends and family. But After years od planning and saving, Jerica finally has all her eggs in all the right baskets. Her pride and joy, Hen House Productions, an online web channel she started has grown into something more. Now that she has the means, Jerica is ready to bring her virtual escape room into reality.


A four book series merging horror, fantasy, and romance into a perfectly darkened blend.

The series starts off following Lux Sefker, an asshole with a heart of gold. While working his mundane day job at Bank Five a blast from the past burts back into his life, and she completely shatteres his entire reality.

Stories Told

A witch so powerful she could destroy the world with just a wave of her hand, secrets so dark that they could really kill a friendship, and a mother too obsessed with social media that it destroyed her family. These three stories will leave you second-guessing decisions you’ve made in your own life…

The Schatten

The Shadowman, have you seen him?

Lisa Rower, finds herself traveling back to her childhood home; a place where she never wanted to return- but she has questions that only her deceased Grandmother’s study can provide the answers to. What else has been waiting for her? Could it be a second chance at a better life?


A troubled past and a haunting present; Mark finds himself in the middle of another Easter tragedy. With all eyes on him once again, and only one person on his side, will he find a way to clear his name?


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Good old Seymour, it’s a town stuck on daydreaming that one day it’ll be a big city, while still clinging on to its small-town charm. We got it all though; multiple grocery stores, a few parks, more than one of the same fast-food chain, not to mention the winter cranes. Well, I suppose the highlights differ depending on who you ask. Believe it or not, that’s my like-list. What do I hate? The graveyard of secrets we’re built on for one. That and the fact that those secrets are trying to kill me.

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Lily Green Series

For over a decade Lily Green has terrorized the United States. Like a monster, she seemed to be everywhere and yet nowhere. Until one day, when her killing spree suddenly stopped.
Where could she be?

Petals – releasing 2022


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