Locked Away

“Imagine you are the most powerful person in history. You have the ability to end world hunger with a waive of your hand but also the power to destroy an entire country with a single thought. Sounds like you’d be a pretty dangerous person, huh?”
Rebecca is the most powerful being, but her power came with an unthinkable price. To keep the world safe her power was locked away long before her birth, but Rebecca isn’t willing to just let it go.

The Perfect Life

A mother too focused on obtaining a perfect life and basking in her social media posts, misses her chance to have a meaningful relationship with her family before they were ripped away from life.Her selfish views is what caused their demise, how will she ever cope with what she had done.


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The Schatten

“The figure stepped out, but the shadows only seemed to move with him. No, they were a part of him. He stood tall in the corner of my room. At no point in his appearance was there a separation in shading, yet I could still clearly see that the man was wearing a 1940’s style pork pie hat and a long floor-length jacket. I couldn’t see his eyes, but I could feel them sizing me up like he wanted to consume me.”

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Stories Told

A witch so powerful she could destroy the world with just a wave of her hand, secrets so dark that they could really kill a friendship, and a mother too obsessed with social media that it destroyed her family. These three stories will leave you second guessing decisions you’ve made in your own life…LOCKED AWAY WHERE MEMORIES ARE MADE THE PERFECT LIFE

Where Memories Are Made

Three lifelong friends decide to take a break from their busy lives and reunite in their hometown for a weekend camping trip, only they have a secret agenda in motion. Crystal, Nikki, and Sarah want their kids to share the same bond as what they have, so they each drag their children along for the weekend of roughing it in the woods, but will secrets of the past and present rip them all apart instead?