Ashley Greathouse is a celebrated horror author and paranormal investigator. She delves into the supernatural world to quench her curiosity and started investigating haunted places after experiencing peculiar scenarios during her youth. Greathouse's interest in the supernatural inspired her to write horror fiction, which has earned her accolades.

Ashley, along with her husband, son, and pets, lives in southern Indiana. She is fond of nerding out at home with her family and friends, but on the rare occasions she is spotted in the wild, it's most likely at a bookstore or enjoying a nature hike.

As someone with schizophrenia, Greathouse sometimes finds it difficult to navigate the world outside. Overstimulating environments can be overwhelming and trigger symptoms like hallucinations, delusions, and social anxiety. Even everyday tasks, such as grocery shopping can feel like insurmountable obstacles. However, there are coping strategies that Greathouse can use, such as practicing mindfulness, avoiding triggers, and seeking support from loved ones or mental health professionals. By taking these steps, Greathouse can still live a fulfilling life despite the challenges of their illness.

Despite her personal pursuits and mental health struggles, Ashley maintains a day job as a Home Health Aide and Caregiver. Along with her passion for horror fiction and spending time with her family, this position adds to her busy schedule. She continues to prioritize her personal growth and balances it with her professional responsibilities.