About Ashley

Growing Up

The Early Years

My parents were divorced when I was just a wee one and it took a good amount of years before either of them grew roots. In a way, you could say that all of Indiana is my hometown. Though, I don’t agree with a lot of the Hoosiers’ mindset, this state will always be my heart and soul.

Interests & Inspirations

What I am all about.

I absolutely love to be creative. Sewing, music, painting, I live for every moment that I get to breathe life into something.
My biggest inspiration is, dare I say it, myself. Now, not in the sense that I’m obsessed with who I am. No, it’s more so that I despise it. The irrational fears, morbid thoughts, and uncontrollable emotions that tug at my sanity – that’s where my inspiration comes from. I want to take the power away from these thoughts and feelings and use them as a muse.

My Life as an Author

Ashley the Author

Would you believe me if I said that it was boring? Well, some days it is and some days its mindblowing. Every single day is a surprise. Who will read your work? Who will reach out to network? There’s no way to tell what each day will have instore.


Always Push The Boundaries

I refuse to put a cap on myself by setting a goal. My main objective is to go as far as I possibly can with my writing adventure, and when I get there, I plan to push the boundaries and go even further.

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