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Ashley, published her first short story in August of 2018 (Locked Away). Though, it's no secret that the original genre she envisioned to write was not that of what it quickly became. Ashley, found an odd sense of enjoyment from writing twisted tales of misfortune and unhappy endings. By the end of 2018, she had released two other short stories (The Perfect Life, Where Memories Are Made). Ashley plans to continue writing eerie stories for as long as she can, with her Love of 15+ years and their son cheering her on. She finds inspiration in these horror stories from her own insecurities and fears, so she has reassured everyone that she doesn't plan on falling victim to writer's block or being without material to write about.
Though, she has no issue with finding the words to describe the most gruesome of scenes, Ashley has always had a hard time sitting through a horror movie or being alone in the dark. In person, she is a very happy and goofy individual who thrives at any opportunity to be creative and helpful. Ashley's close friends and family had always pictured her taking on a role in comedy, as she is always quick to make a joke, so finding out that she was taking her place in the world of horror fiction came as a surprise.